The Dream Team



Ymna Negm is a travel enthusiast and development and leadership advocate. She spent most of her time in college focusing on non-profit organizations that specialize in youth training in underdeveloped neighborhoods. While abroad, Ymna volunteers at various school and youth centers around the world to teach English as well as mental and physical health. 


Ymna and Clinay became friends when they started work together at a tech company as Account Executives in 2017. They continued on with their friendship and business relationship through creative collaborations and projects even after leaving the company. 


Ymna joined TechFitCreative to contribute to the Thrive Like Me Project in February of 2020 to support Clinay in the behind the scenes operations, management and communications from start to finish of the tour.




Siobhan Cohee is passionate about all things business and marketing. She brings an extensive background in social media strategy and digital marketing and holds a Masters in Business Administration. 


Siobhan’s experience ranges from the classroom with students of all ages to businesses of varying sizes as well as nonprofits, which is where Siobhan and Clinay met. She strives to make data-driven decisions and has supported organizations in business development, fundraising, and marketing. 


Siobhan also brings web and graphic design skills. Her passion for TechFitCreative is made up of her love for Oakland, wanting to combat gentrification in our communities, and a goal to help underrepresented people break into tech and other fields that lack diversity. 





Ashley “GOOD TEA” Rhea is a young, seasoned corporate professional who blossomed into Mental Health Advocacy through personal styling, photography, and broadcast media. This unapologetic creative made her break out to the Bay Area in 2019,  joining other creative superheroes in the community. Ashley and Clinay are long standing friends as they grew up together in Rialto, Ca. She decided to contribute to Clinay's mission to serve through content creation, strategy and imagery for future projects and programs.


Creating safe spaces for the underrepresented, Ashley revamped GOOD TEA | BAD KITTY, her media and content business along with Mental Health and Safety as its foundation. Humility and purpose-driven energy, Ashley provides  1-on-1 advocacy through the art of styling and photography, fostering growth by unlocking “what’s been within” for each participant's unique way they move through life.


With a strong belief in planting seeds of courage, Ashley believes TechFitCreative is in fact the “missing link” that we all need to quench the thirst of fearlessness through the art of shared development, creativity, (mental) health and wellness, and technology. 


Also, Meet Youth In Action!

Clinay Cameron is a Social Entrepreneur, Youth Advocate, Coach, and Corporate Wellness professional in Oakland. She strives to inspire the masses through her journey as a humanitarian, and creative influencer. Clinay majored in Sociology from UC Berkeley, and was invited to speak on various media platforms. She interviewed with Brigade Radio One, PopSugar, and represented orgs such as Hack the Hood as an advocate for young black representation at SF Tech Inclusion 2017.


As a kid, she was told constantly by some family members, and educators that there’s no money in art, but stumbled across PIXAR in Emeryville while working as a caregiver in 2014. Her world and perspective changed drastically thereafter. In 2017, Clinay envisioned introducing BIPOC (black, Indigenous, and people of color) youth to more career opportunities in corporate level industries. Clinay  relates to many lived experiences in Oakland, and wants kids to take up space and encourages them to have a choice to stay and develop in their place of origin.


Today, Clinay empowers youth through “Thrive Like Me”, a charitable project that introduces underserved Oakland black and brown youth to creative and non-technical careers in tech, game, and production companies beyond their county borders. She also teaches youth about the value of health and wellness, mind body awareness, and self advocacy. 










         My name is Mia Cameron. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles, CA and I currently attend Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets High school. I am now a sophomore and I look forward to all the opportunities, challenges, and events that will be forwarded in my direction. Given that I have had various experiences in life or in the leadership setting, I stay prepared. 


Throughout my academic career, I’ve maintained high honors,  I’ve had various opportunities to travel to Atlanta, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, and now I am focusing on devoting my time to my personal and professional development, which will benefit me now and in the future. Life after high school is something I think about frequently as I would be considered a first generation college student to pursue a career in medicine. My top two choices for college are Spelman College and Howard University. Once I graduate from one of these HBCU’s, I will be set on the path to becoming a great nurse practitioner. I spend a lot of my time doing research about my desired profession, and despite the struggles and hardships, I have high hopes of exceeding my goals. 


  As a Youth Executive Assistant, being a part of Thrive Like Me and TechFitCreative will expose me to opportunities that will benefit my personal and professional development. I'm grateful to have my sister, Clinay as a positive role model and I'm determined to support her vision in giving back. I am also very supportive of black and brown youth being exposed to opportunities that will give them a visualization of life and of what they are capable of. There are many things in this universe for black and brown youth to experience, so I believe that this organization will be an eye opener as well as a good way for people of color to figure out who they are, what interests them, and how to dig deeper into life. This can also help them realize what they are capable of pursuing. This will educate them and overall it will be an impactful experience.


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