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Why Should I Contribute?

Your financial contribution will assist in further development of the TechFitCreative mission to continue in it's investment of developing the charitable community project Thrive Like Me.


Your support will also assist in funding staff, youth interns, and instructors. Your help will also assist in marketing and program operations in order to progress forward with launching our online enrichment program for youth this year.


How Will My Contribution Serve Thrive

Like Me?

Taking part in contributing financially to the community pilot project Thrive Like Me will show your support for black entrepreneurship, and leadership, as well as helping black and brown youth with their self-development.


It will also assist with the expansion of this program. Your contribution will enable this service to flourish, leading to more positive exposures for BIPOC youth. Your financial support will aid our expedition through our appointed fund Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (PVF).


Our Current Goal.

Our primary goal is to successfully launch and expand with coaching courses and resources for underserved black and brown youth during and post COVID-19.


Any and all funds donated (financially or in kind) will aid in bringing our vision into fruition through our designated fund Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (PVF).

How to Contribute a Tax-Deductible Donation to Thrive Like Me


1.  Donate Online with Credit Card

You will receive a tax acknowledgement email receipt by email from Network for Good, our credit card processor. Please note that there is a 3% fee for credit card donations. We recommend that larger donations be sent via check.

2. Donate by Check or EIN

Send your check donation made payable to Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, with “TechFitCreative” in the check memo line, to:

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation

1222 Preservation Park Way

Oakland, CA 94612

For tax deductions use EIN 94-3136771

PVF will provide donors with a tax acknowledgement letter for their charitable donations of $250 or more.

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (PVF)

is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to supporting outstanding charitable work, customizing giving programs for donors, initiating new dimensions in grant making and acting as the depository for charitable projects.

PVF serves as the fiscal depository for TechFitCreative to support our mission to combat  gentrification and economic disparities through intentional outreach, online enrichment coaching, self advocacy, and mind body awareness.